The Board of Deacons helps guide the spiritual life of the Meriden Congregational Church and collaborates with the trustees and the co-pastors to foster the welfare of the church. It warmly welcomes members, friends and visitors at worship services.

The Board of Deacons is responsible for:

  1. Providing opportunities for the spiritual growth of individuals and the church body.
  2. Ministering to those in the church family by visiting and by encouraging new membership.
  3. Establishing policies related to worship, baptism, communion, wedding, funerals, membership and any other matter necessary for the spiritual functioning of the church.
  4. Serving as representatives of the people on church matters and attempting to resolve any conflicts or concerns.
  5. Supporting the pastors work in the spirit of the church mission which may include assisting during worship.
  6. Aiding the pastors in facilitating the smooth functioning of committees.
  7. Holding an organizational meeting for committees within one month after the annual meeting.
  8. Approving replacements for committee vacancies offered by the nominating committee and announcing their appointments at a worship service or in the newsletter.