The Missions Committee of the Meriden Congregational Church provides opportunities for the church’s members, family and friends to act in ways that demonstrate Christian outreach and service. Based on Matthew’s Gospel, Missions answers the questions “Lord, when did we see you hungry…, naked…, homeless.., imprisoned…?” (Chapter 25)

Over many years the consistent local focus of the Missions Committee addresses feeding the hungry, protecting the families and children from violence, sheltering the homeless in our cities and towns, caring for the health of vulnerable citizens and sojourners in the Upper Valley. We still have a ways to go, but we’ve gotten a start.

The Missions Committee directs church funding to support the following local agencies: LISTEN, the Claremont Soup Kitchen, WISE, Turning Points Network, the Haven, and the Good Neighbor/Red Logan Health and Dental Clinics.

Each spring the Missions and Faith Formation Committees develop joint youth and adult educational activities around topical themes. Past annual projects have looked at refugees, immigrants, the education of young women in foreign lands and the role of clean water in our environment.

A growing edge in Missions speaks of the “prophetic mission” of Christian faith. Although separate from the Missions’ focus, our church family’s wider witness in GLBT issues and in demonstrations for racial justice, economic and environmental stewardship along with fair labor and fair wage issues parallel and compliment many Missions activities. Many individual members of the committee and members of the church are involved with the United Valley Interfaith Project with it strong and prophetic vision of justice and respect across many congregations and different faiths. Individual outreach and service initiatives of individual members of the congregation are also supported.

Steve Beaupre
Bill Chappelle
John Gregory-Davis
Elaine Lentz
Des Tolentino
Rod Wendt
Ed Cousineau (Chair)