The Board of Trustees act on behalf of the congregation of the Meriden Congregational Church and is responsible for the general business affairs of the church. Through their acceptance of service, each member of the Board of Trustees agrees to consider the best interest of the congregation in the decision-making process. The responsibilities of the Board of Trustees are:

  • All financial matters: custody of money, assets, buildings and grounds, budget preparation, supervision of expenditures, and raising of money
  • The care and maintenance of buildings and grounds
  • Facilities use
  • All personnel matters: procedures for employment, benefits oversight, procedures for termination, leaves and absences
  • Planning for future facilities and program needs

Trustees are elected for a term of three years and may serve no more than two consecutive terms. The Board consists of the Board Chair, five voting members, the Church Treasurer, and the pastors of the Meriden Congregational Church.

The current  members of the board are:  Evan Oxenham (Chair), Cindy Griffin (Treasurer), Frank Perotti, Kathy Wright, Rod Wendt, Selden Lord, Stephen Beaupre, John and Susan Gregory-Davis (co-pastors)